Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happiness in 2010

Hi all - hope December isn't getting you down. I've been participating in The Happy Book project this year - see my posts back in February - and Jamie is winding things up for the year so she asked us to declare what had made us happy this year. Life still feels like a challenge for me but here goes:

This year, what has made me happy is that I have moved house (again) and am  back in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, cold but content. Also, my little old dog is still with me - she has survived another whole year, despite her dementia, blindness and arthritis - she is now getting towards 17 years old and she makes me smile every day.

I'm also a year further away from the death of my lovely man, and I think, I really think, that I am  on the verge of feeling 'normal' again and looking forward to 2011 being an interesting and exciting year - maybe even happy!

This year has been a year of change and, because of this, it hasn't always been comfortable. Nevertheless, I have much to be happy about. I'm  still here for one thing, still alive at 52, when many better people than I died much younger, still lots to be grateful for - pretty good health, a house, some money in the bank, people to love and who love me, my soft little dog and, most of all I think, the natural world around me - the birds and animals in my garden, the trees and wild flowers, and the stars overhead. I am  happy.


Widow in the Middle said...

Your little dog is adorable. I like the idea of looking back on 2010 to review the good rather than dwell on the bad. Best wishes to you and for happiness in 2011!

Puddock said...

Thanks - she IS adorable and I love her very much. She's getting on for 17 now, is blind and has doggy dementia but she keeps determinedly on, there's no stopping her.

The happy exercise really worked for me. I started it without any great enthusiasm but focussing on the good things that had happened made me realise that it had been a pretty good year.
Hoping for an even better 2011!

Wishing you happiness in 2011 too :)

Phoenix Fire Falconry said...

Hello, and Greetings from Minnesota!

Some nights I just randomly ask Blogger to toss blogs at me. Most are stuff I just have no interest in. Sometimes I come across a blog that makes me stop, and read, and then ultimately bookmark on my own blog. Your 'View from the Pond' did just that, and then I linked here. I wish I had found this some 5 years ago when I went through my own divorce, which felt like the death of my husband of 20 years, only he had the audacity to keep living on . . . and doing so by choice without me (and with my former best girlfriend). It was hard, but I have come through well, and life does go on. I married again, and have much to be happy about. I look forward to reading your insights. I do hope 2011 unfolds positively for you, and that your little JRT continues to live and give you warm snuggles.

Puddock said...

Hi Phoenix Fire Falconry (great name!) and welcome to the blogs!

I am really glad you found something relevant in my posts. I think divorce and the death of a spouse have much more in common than people often allow and I am sorry to hear of your pain.

But it looks like, five years on, you are getting a great life together. That's how I feel now. It's taken five years, and I haven't been lucky enough to find love again (yet), but I can honestly say that I have a happy life. I have adapted, very nearly, to being single and living alone, and I am doing stuff I never thought I could or would be doing. Life is good.

By the way, five months on from this post, my little JRT is still going strong. She was 17 in March and I am convinced she is going to make it to 18. She makes me smile every day :)