Monday, August 9, 2010


Hi gang - hope things have been going well for you all these last few weeks. I've been busy selling and buying a house - yes, I'm on the move again (more about that another day) - so I haven't had time to write here but I did recently find a book of poems by Christopher Reid and wanted to share one with you.

Christopher's wife of 30 years died in October 2005 and he wrote this collection about her illness, death and his new existence as a widower. Much of the media focus has been on the poems about his wife's terminal illness, and it is certainly beautiful and powerful work, but as a widow now of nearly five years, it is the third group of poems, about the surprises and strangeness of being alone for the first time in decades, that resonates particularly with me at the moment.


I'm the riddle to an answer:
I'm an unmarried spouse,
a flesh-and-blood revenant,
my own ghost, inhabitant
of an empty house.

You can find more of his poems in his book Scattering. It's a painful but true and beautiful read.

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