Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Small Incidents Post

One of the small but wearing things about living alone is when something happens - a small thing - and you have no-one to share it with.. All you can do with it is tuck it away in your memory and hope one day to have someone to share it with again.

Officially the Cutest Thing on the Web Today

I posted this over on The View From the Pond but I just have to share it with you over here too. If you are having a grumpy, sad or just plain down day, this WILL make you smile - guaranteed!

My friend Lianne tells me that the otters live in her home town, Vancouver, at the Aquarium. Enjoy!

Back in the Swim

Hi girls (and guys). I must apologise for being away so long. When I started this blog it was supposed to be a support for anyone out there feeling lost and alone after death or divorce - buggering off for five months wasn't very supportive of me, was it?

After a foray into the real world, I'M BACK! And I hope to get Rosehip or Prune going on a more regular basis, with fun things as well as all that meaningful stuff.