Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Small Incidents Post

One of the small but wearing things about living alone is when something happens - a small thing - and you have no-one to share it with.. All you can do with it is tuck it away in your memory and hope one day to have someone to share it with again.


Isabelle said...


I don't really feel I qualify to comment because I'm not widowed, but just thought I'd say how much I enjoy your writing (which I discovered about 10 minutes ago). I wonder if you applied to UCAS or sold your house and what's happening next. I hope you go on to reveal all.

And one good thing about blogging is that we can tell our bloggy pals those little things that happen. It's not the same as a person but it's something.

Best wishes to you.

Puddock said...

Isabelle - I was looking through my blog and discovered that I hadn't replied to your kind comments. Sorry!

To bring you up to date, I didn't get into University but I don't mind. I'd have felt I was stealing a place from a youngster this year with the credit crunch and so many of them applying. I am instead back with the jolly old OU and doing it that way.

I have now moved house and am enjoying the challenges (and fun) of that.